Made Undone


Architecture is a direct manifestation, a physical record of man’s movement throughout history, reflecting the cultural development of society and civilisation. It is through architecture that we catch a representative glimpse of all the specific sets of rules that structure and govern our environment and our fundamental relationship with it, with one another, and reciprocally, with all other things. As a definitive and absolute means of structuring the world, of measuring and framing an otherwise boundless space, architecture seals up any imminent potentialities and predetermines our movements as we negotiate through time and space. If the elemental rules of architecture, a representative and influential set of immoveable coordinates pinning down the human figure, could be left open-ended, undone, or in a state of ‘in-between-ness’, then there opens a window through which other modes of negotiating or viewing the world can pour in. This freeing-up could lead to the overcoming of prescribed and mechanical responses to a given existence within a given environment and instead offer-up a new, non-sequential series of possibilities.

In an imagined time before the existence or invention of architecture, the human figure can be seen to inhabit and wander uninhibited through an unhindered or, boundless space. Where there are no walls to contain and structure, there exists an immeasurable mass of endless possibilities, a sea of chaos stretching simultaneously in all directions, limitless and expansive.

It is here that the space of the painting offers a solution to the inescapable measures of a grounded existence. Within its frame all rules can be defied. It is here that space is boundless and that we are offered an alternative to the prescribed rituals of daily life, an exception to those forces that weight the human figure and bind them to the earth. The surface and space of a painting is full of all possibilities, a chaotic and swirling mass, acting like a conduit through which all other life can pass unimpeded via open-ended and law-defying structures. It is a territory where chaos can be provisionally framed and drawn down to offer a continually revised and transformable vision, beyond the physical and temporal limitations of life.

And in this space a view can emerge which takes those sealed up predispositions and tears them open to expose new layers from which extrudes the true depth of human endeavour and emotion, warping linear time and Albertian space and nudging the viewer to turn and look again, to realise that all possibility perpetually surrounds us and that those laws by which we abide do not necessarily define us, but rather those moments of clarity and awareness when all existence, all time and space seeps in through the cracks and crevices of our daily lives and pours through us and we are risen up, connecting us to the greater whole, and I can hold that memory eternally and watch it unfold immeasurably, indefinite and without limitation, without ever losing density, just expanding like light, equally in all directions, filling and merging with all matter to be forever weightless but full to capacity.